Course participants will receive a comprehensive introduction into the essentials of conducting research in computer science and into state-of-the-art development frameworks (e.g. backend, frontend, continuous integration, deployment) and tools.  

The course consists of two major parts:

  • Part A covers the fundamentals of conducting research in computer science, such as academic literature research and literature management, academic writing, designing and performing experiments, handling data and ensuring reproducibility.
  • Part B introduces state-of-the-art development frameworks and tools for, e.g., scripting (Python, Shell), Web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, D3), testing and continuous integration (unit tests, Travis). 

Through practical work on projects, students will get deeper into selected topics and technologies and acquire practical skills necessary to solve various real-world problems in computer science.

Workload: 4 SWS (2 Lecture / 2 Exercise), 9 ECTS

DayTimePeriodicity   DurationRoomType
Wed.   10:15 - 11:45   weekly04.11.2020 - 10.02.2021   FC E.10 (00.10)   lecture
Wed.12:15 - 13:45weekly04.11.2020 - 10.02.2021FC E.10 (00.10)tutorial